CGT 213

Simulation and Visualization Applications (FEA)

Crank Stress Analysis

This project was the first experience I had with Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The analysis was examining if a crank could withstand a 200 N force on one of the arms. Seeing the stress distributed through the part helped me understand where stresses occur within a part when torque is applied.

Bracket Stress Analysis

In this project, I was assigned to modify the original design (images 1 & 2) to withstand a force of 18 kN. The other images are stress analyses of my design improvements. My first design improvement (images 3 & 4) was the most effective, as it reduced the maximum stress and deformation significantly.

Computer Chip Thermal Analysis

In this analysis a computer chip was under a 0.2 W heat power on each chip. The analysis examined the temperature of the chip over 750 seconds.

Cup Thermal Analysis

In this project, I was given a cup design and did a thermal analysis on it. If there is a hot liquid in the cup, the outside of the cup would be scorching as well. As a design improvement, I created a gap between the cup and sleeve. This allowed the outside of the cup to be much cooler and would be able to be held.