Hinge Press

This was a project I designed during my internship at Oscar Winski. It was designed to prevent the operators from getting carpal tunnel and increase the efficiency of the station.

Full Assembly

The purpose of this machine was to replace the operators inserting bushings into hinges one at a time by hand. The process before I designed this machine led to several operators getting carpal tunnel. The system features 2 pneumatic cylinders that press an aluminum plate down in to the hinges and bushings which inserts the bushings in to the hinges. There are steel bars on each side of the machine to align the press and springs on top of them so that the pneumatic cylinders receive less impact and make less sound returning to its idle position.

Key Subassemblies

Bushing alignment

The pins that hold the hinges and bushings did not originally have a cutout at the base. After testing the machine for the first time 1 in 10 bushing would get crushed from misalignment. This led to making a cutout for the bushing to sit in making it’s position more consistent and stable. Following this fix the bushings never broke again.


There were several safety precautions made in the design. A cage was put together around the machine to limit where operators can touch the machine. Another safety precaution is a 2 button start system where the operator must have both hands on each button to ensure their hands are outside of the machine.